Etchells Fleet 16








1. Organizing Authority

1.1 The Organizing Authority is the Bellingham Yacht Club in conjunction with Bellingham Etchells Fleet 16.


2. Rules

2.1 The race will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), then the International Etchells Class Association, then this Notice of Race and finally the Sailing Instructions for this regatta.  In the event of conflict, the Sailing Instructions will decide.


3. Eligibility & Entries

3.1 The Spring Regatta is open to all competitors who are members of the International Etchells    Class and a recognized local Etchells fleet.

3.2 Current members of Etchells Fleet 16 shall be considered entered when they check in with the R/C prior to the warning signal of the first race. We prefer that visiting competitors submit an entry prior to 1200 on Friday, June 25th.

3.3 Entry Fee - $10 - Make checks payable to Gary Baker - Fleet 16

3.4 Registration is available online at


4. Schedule


Saturday, June 26th


0900 - Skippers' Meeting at BYC in Ward Room downstairs

1100 - First Warning

1800 - BBQ Party at Jeff and Mary's House (or at conclusion of racing Saturday)


Sunday, June 27th


1000 - First Warning

1500 - No Warnings after this time.

1800 - Awards Presentation


5. Sailing Instructions

5.1 Sailing instructions will be provided at the time of registration or at the skippers meeting.  In addition, the sailing instructions will be posted on the cork board and next to the entry door and online at


6. Racing

6.1 The venue for all races shall be in Bellingham Bay with the start/finish line being located generally within three miles of the BYC.  The Race Committee will attempt to run as many races as possible on Saturday and Sunday.  The warning signal for subsequent races shall be made as soon as practicable after the last boat finishes the previous race.

6.2 One race shall constitute a regatta.



7. Courses

7.1 The course to be sailed will be posted on the course board displayed on the Race Committee Signals Boat.  Probable courses and course layouts will be depicted in Addendums to the Sailing Instructions and online at

8. Penalty System

8.1 The penalty for breaking a rule of Part 2 shall be a One Turn Penalty (one tack and one gybe in the same direction) except that for infringements occurring within the Zone as defined in the current RRS the penalty shall be a Two Turns Penalty (two tacks and two gybes in the same direction).  This changes RRS 44.1 and 44.2.

9. Scoring

9.1 This event will be scored using the RRS Appendix A; Low point system.  If more than five races are sailed, one race will be discarded. 

10. Moorage

10.1 Moorage available through Fleet 16 - Contact Jonathan Knowles - (360) 303-5465

11. Prizes

11.1 Each boat entered will be recognized.

12. Social Event

12.1 There will a mid-regatta get together on the BYC deck after sailing on Saturday.  Open to all who raced and their friends.

13. Information

13.1 For Regatta information contact:

Scott Wilson

(360) 303-1759